Randy's Texas GS Adventures

Hello, my name is Randy Eads and I live in Austin, Texas. My favorite pastime is to ride the backroads of the Lone Star State on my BMW R1200GS Adventure or my BMW R1200GS HP2. "GS" stands for Gelande-Strasse in German. This translates to Trail and Street in English. My translation is that it means "Go Somewhere" in Texas. I am a life member of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. A few of my articles have been published in the BMWMOA Owners News. I created this page to share some of my favorite Texas backroads and to encourage other GS riders to get off the pavement and wander around the dirt roads. You'll also find a few of my other interests, out-of-the-ordinary places to visit, and some other things that might be of interest to someone. Just click on the links below to wander through my page:

My Favorite Texas Backroads
My Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Roadside Attractions
My Other Interests
The BMW Motorcycles I've Known and Loved
Some of My Favorite Sites

The background is from The Rock Art Collection by Taos artist David Sprague. You can see David's work at Studio Sprague in Taos, NM. Click on the the title if you would like to see what "Sun Shaman of the Tatokala" looked like before I made it into a transparency. Used with the permission of the artist.

This page was last updated on December 28, 2008.